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At Thermin Power, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way industries harness and optimize energy resources. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that empower businesses to recover and maximize the potential of waste heat, reduce energy consumption, and drive efficiency like never before.

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Choose Thermin Power as your partner in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Our products are not just tools; they are catalysts for positive change, helping businesses thrive in an environmentally conscious world.

Waste Heat Recovery System

Waste Heat Recovery System

We at "Thermin Power" execute Waste Heat Recovery Project as a Turn Key Project starting from Scratch to Energy Audits, to Primary Design/Costing and offer preparation, Offering the best alternative, to Getting valuable Purchase Order from clients, to Post Order Design and Documentation, to Manufacturing in accordance with corresponding standard, to transit, to Site Erection including cabling and insulation, to Site Commissioning, to Performance Validation and to Successful handing over. Our Systems boost climate Pollution Control by reducing Carbon Footprint which is a Global Task and parallel such systems Boost our Client's Profit Margin which indirectly Boosts our Client's Business Turnover. We successfully converted waste heat from furnace gases/compressors/Engine Exhausts/Waste steam/Waste Hot Waster/Incinerator Exhausts/Boiler Exhausts/etc. into usable heat which tremendously increases client profitability and reduces Global Warming generating Carbon Credit.

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler:
Thermin Power is one of the top Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Manufacturers in India. It's not only about conserving fuel in a boiler; your operation may also involve furnaces and kilns, where a significant amount of heat after fuel combustion is lost as dry flue gas. A waste heat recovery boiler is a machine that produces steam or hot water using the heat from waste gases. Then, this heat can be used for a multitude of uses, including generating electricity, heating buildings, and powering industrial activities.

Compressor Waste Heat Recovery:

Thermin Power is the most Seamless Compressor Waste Heat Recovery Manufacturers in India. Compressor Waste Heat Recovery is a smart way to make the most of strength in industries that use compressors to squeeze air. It's like turning a simple machine into an electricity-saving system. Compressor Waste Heat Recovery systems seize that warmth. They use generation, like warmness exchangers, to entice the warm temperature.

Furnace Waste Heat Recovery:

Thermin Power is the most automatic Furnace Waste Heat Recovery Manufacturers in India. Furnaces produce crucial heat for diverse processes. However, in addition, they generate a lot of extra warmth that often goes to waste. That's where our Furnace Waste Heat Recovery comes into play, offering a simple and ingenious technique to capture and reuse this treasured resource. As it operates, it now not only heats up the materials inner but also releases warm air and gases into the atmosphere. 

Fuel Saving Project:

Thermin Power is the most eco-friendly Fuel Saving Project Service Provider in India. Our gas-saving initiatives are rooted in the notion that small modifications can lead to big results. We're on a task to lessen gasoline intake and decrease our carbon footprint. By doing so, we're contributing to more healthy surroundings and an extra sustainable destiny for all.

Hot Water Generator

Thermin Power is a quality Hot Water Generator Manufacturers in India. Have you ever wished you could have a regular supply of warm water every time you need it? Well, it truly is where our Hot Water Generator steps in, making your day-by-day existence greater snug and convenient. Think of our Hot Water Generator as a magical box that could produce warm water each time you choose. It's like having your own private genie, however, as opposed to granting desires, it presents you with a warm shower, clean dishes, and relaxed areas.


Thermin Power is the safest Economiser Manufacturers in India. Our Economiser is a simple and effective device that saves power and your hard-earned cash. Economizers are regularly utilized in information facilities to lessen the need for cooling equipment like chillers, compressors, or air conditioners in laptop rooms. Economizers can be useful resources in the transition to a greener computing environment with the aid of lowering the electricity utilization and fees of a statistics centre.

Paintshop Waste Heat Recovery System:
Thermin Power is the most beautiful Paintshop Waste Heat Recovery System Manufacturers in India. When it comes to painting cars or Products, the process generates a lot of heat – and that heat often goes to waste. That's where our Paintshop Waste Heat Recovery System performs a great job, supplying an easy and imaginative technique to capture and reuse this valuable resource. As the paint drying process creates heat, this system captures that heat and uses it to warm water or air.

Exhaust Gas Boiler:

Thermin Power is the most precision-engineered Exhaust Gas Boiler Manufacturers in India. The Exhaust Gas Boiler is like a clever heat exchanger. It takes those hot gases, cools them down, and in the process, heats up water. This hot water can then be used for various purposes, like generating steam or heating up other systems. It's like recycling heat, making the engine or industrial process much more efficient. Installing our Exhaust Gas Boiler not only helps save energy but also reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions, which is great for the environment.


Thermin Power is the designer Deaerator Manufacturers in India. The Deaerator is like a trusty detective. It takes in water and heats it up, just like a pot of soup on the stove. As it heats, these sneaky gases and particles are forced to escape, like steam rising from the soup. Then, it uses a special trick called "scrubbing" to catch these villains and get rid of them.

Product Features Thermin Power

Empowering Energy Efficiency

Waste Heat Recovery Systems
Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Cost Savings- By converting waste heat into valuable energy, businesses can significantly reduce their energy costs and enhance their bottom line.

Waste Heat Recovery Systems
Hot Water Generators

Energy-Efficient Heating- These systems are optimized for energy efficiency, ensuring that hot water is produced with minimal energy consumption.

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